Here’s what working with Helpster looks like

Getting started

Our team will understand your needs, then create an account and Worker Request for you. You can also submit a request via the client dashboard. Your request is matched algorithmically with our network of workers.

Choose your workers

Every worker has been screened through interviews, assessments, and reference checks. You can review their profiles, ratings and previous experience. Approve suitable workers yourself, or let our team handle it.

Then, it’s business as usual (but better)

As soon as your specified shifts begin, the confirmed workers will show up at your business to start work on time.

Approve timesheets

Our in-app attendance system is powered by GPS location tracking—this guarantees accuracy and validity of every worker’s attendance. Review the timesheets online and approve them in a few clicks.


Helpster takes care of all worker payments. We pay them weekly, while you get one simple invoice each month for all work hours delivered.

Join the future of work today

Sign up with us and get a step-by-step walkthrough about joining the Helpster platform. We’ll find out how we can best cater to your needs and business growth.
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